Reports by Vizydrop for Jira

Build custom reports for Jira

Get visual answers from your Jira data

Custom dashboards. Better insights. Right decisions

Set up your Jira dashboards with custom reports. Choose between charts, diagrams or tables (including pivots). Combine various views and various projects on a single Jira dashboard.

Start fast and customize easily

Quickly build your Jira reports with predefined templates, and use a simple drag-and-drop editor to flexibly showcase the data you need. Dig deeper into insights with autocomplete calculations.

Many data sources in one place

Create your reports from Jira or visualize data from Trello, Google Analytics, GitHub, Google Sheets, and files right in a custom Jira dashboard. Use our API to get data from other sources.

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About us

Vizydrop – a business intelligence platform integrated into Jira, Trello, Targetprocess, and Fibery. While developing Targetprocess we tried out several visualization services, but ended up deciding to make our own. That's why you can be sure that every feature we create has come from the most demanding user: us.