Vizydrop has dashboards functionality which helps to organize charts and share them. Find below actions available for dashboards

Create Dashboard

  1. Navigate to you space and click Add Dashboard button.
  2. Provide the name for dashboard and press Enter.
  3. You will be redirected to dashboard and so the new chart can be added inside it.

Move existing chart to dashboard

  1. Click "Actions" icon on a chart your would like to move.
  2. Click "Move to..." action.
  3. Select dashboard.

Move chart from a dashboard to space (root charts area)

  1. Click Actions icon on a chart your would like to move to space.
  2. Click Move to... action.
  3. Select Charts.

Reorder charts in a dashboard

Drag and drop chart to change its order on dashboard.

Make dashboard private or team visible

You can change the visibility of a dashboard by clicking on access icon right before dashboard name if you have corresponding plan. Note: All charts inside dashboard will have the same visibility as dashboard itself.

Share dashboard with the whole world

You may share dashboard by link, so anybody with that link will be able to see the dashboard and its charts.

  1. Click on dashboards actions icon.
  2. Select sharing option and then press Share button — you will get the link.